Office Cold Brew Coffee Service

Freshly Roasted & Brewed Locally

what's on tap?

We provide the highest quality coffee and tea service for corporate offices.  We place an enormous emphasis on sourcing the highest quality ingredients for the office place.  Our mission is to create a completely tailored office coffee and or tea service to match your employee’s palates.

regular & nitro cold brew coffee

cold brew tea


whose brewing?

Back Bay Roasters & Brewers

Drinking coffee is an experience and part of a journey that starts in the remote corners of the earth and finishes as part of your daily ritual.

Back Bay Roasters & Brewers brings this experience to your mug by blending old world craftsmanship with state-of-the-art roasting and brewing techniques. Complex flavors, ethically sourced beans and a respect for an ancient craft define who we are at Back Bay Roasters & Brewers.


brewed in Wilmington, MA

freshly roasted beans

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our technology

the technology we rely on

A technology-enabled cold brew, nitro cold brew and kombucha service.  The quote includes the hardware to dispense the product as well as access to our administrative platform to alter your program straight through our easy-to-use portal.

kegerator tap system

only needs an outlet to keep the product cold

program admin platform

make adjustments to your program on the fly

service app

we use our dispatch app to ensure the best quality of service

how it works

from start to caffeinated

  • choose & buy

    complete our calculator and buy a plan

  • schedule launch

    select a day for us to install the tap system and products

  • installation

    we install the system along with the kegs

  • subsequent deliveries

    on deliveries we pull old kegs and replace with fresh ones

some of our amazing clients


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