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“There’s a new coffee renaissance, and people are more discerning about what their coffee should taste like,” said Shea Coakley, cofounder of Boston-based office food supplier LeanBox. “But as the coffee palate is getting more sophisticated, the office market hasn’t kept up.”

Coakley’s company, which stocks break rooms with refrigerators filled with healthy food and snacks, has recently begun offering specialty coffees — and the cafe-quality equipment to brew and serve them — through its new drink program, Grind.

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Routinely leave your office to walk to the nearest Starbucks? Chances are, you’re not alone.

Lackluster office coffee is a widespread phenomenon that Shea Coakley, co-founder of LeanBox, hopes to solve with his latest venture, Grind Coffee.

“Offices waste a lot of money using things like Keurigs and, worst of all, people don’t enjoy the product,” Coakley said. “They’re walking 10 minutes down the street to wait in line for 10 minutes to spend $5 on gourmet coffee.”

That’s why Coakley launched Grind Coffee, a new tech-driven coffee service that lets businesses bring the barista experience in house.

From its brewing stations and smart kegerators to full-scale espresso bars, the startup is taking aim at Boston’s tech community, providing artisanal coffee to just shy of 150 companies including Acquia, Virgin Pulse and HubSpot.

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Coakley said many of LeanBox’s customers were complaining about their existing office coffee, but the company was cautious about entering such a well-established market. About a year ago though, LeanBox started experimenting with a coffee offering and about six months ago decided to focus on the opportunity.

“We’ve always known that outside of food, coffee is probably the quintessential bloodline of offices,” Coakley said. “We realized that it deserved its own company. It deserved its own staff and that we were going to heavily invest and take on funding to dive head first into the office coffee market.”

Grind Coffee has 11 dedicated new employees, compared to about 35 at LeanBox. Coakley declined to share how much outside investment he took on to launch Grind Coffee.

The new company revolves around two main offerings — traditional hot coffee and cold brew coffee. In both cases, employees choose what they want and pay for single cups of coffee at large machines stationed in their offices.

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Grind Coffee officially launches on May 4th in honor of International Firefighters’ Day, because no one GRINDS harder than a firefighter. To celebrate and recognize our local heroes, Grind is asking people to donate to the Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation, a local non-profit that works to ease the suffering and hardships of burn victims and their families. One contributing business will be selected to win free Grind Coffee service for a month. Grind Coffee will match donations up to $5,000.

“We want to use the launch of Grind Coffee to make a positive impact. Not only do these firefighters work tirelessly around the clock to keep our families safe, but they also volunteer with the Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation to provide relief for burn victims,” said Grind Coffee Co-Founder Shea Coakley. “Grind Coffee is proud to be a supporter of these unsung heroes.”

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