Hate your office coffee? These companies want to make it better


“There’s a new coffee renaissance, and people are more discerning about what their coffee should taste like,” said Shea Coakley, cofounder of Boston-based office food supplier LeanBox. “But as the coffee palate is getting more sophisticated, the office market hasn’t kept up.”

Coakley’s company, which stocks break rooms with refrigerators filled with healthy food and snacks, has recently begun offering specialty coffees — and the cafe-quality equipment to brew and serve them — through its new drink program, Grind.

He and his cofounder source their beans from farms in Costa Rica, Kenya, and Ethiopia and are partnering with Atomic Coffee Roasters in Beverly to roast them. In February, they will open a 16,000-square-foot facility in Wilmington where they will roast coffee and produce as many as 10,000 kegs of cold brew a month, both for offices and coffee shops.

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